Sunday, March 22, 2009

Balloons in the Air

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009. Woke up at 5.30am just for this event. Had to reach friend's place by 6.45am. Have to be at Putrajaya by 7.45am, as photographers are allowed nearer to the balloons than the crowd at the fence.

Was running around outside the restricted field before 7.45am to shoot the balloons at different angles. Suddenly, I heard a faint announcement that photographers are allowed into the field. Looked at my watch to see 7.47am.

Ran to the entrance, only to be stopped and was told that the area was full, and no more photographers are allowed inside.... T_T Saw my friends inside, and I cried even more T_T_T_T. I even tried begging the guards to let me in. But they were strict and patiently said no.

Why why why why why did I bother to run around just for some stupid shots from the outside where I can take much better shots from the inside..... *drops to knees and sobs*

Suddenly, one of the guards ask the other, did Manchester United win yesterday? His friend said he doesn't know. I told the guard that Man-U lost, having heard that from waiken while on the way to Putrajaya. The guard was like "Betul ke? YES LA.. okok.. you boleh masuk la. Cepat."

I was so stunned and happy, I thanked the guard, and while running towards the gang, praised and thanked God all the way~~ :) I was overjoyed k XD

Ever wondered what's inside the balloon :) everyone knows that there's nothing inside but plain hot air.. but don't you feel that you must really see it for yourself..

See.. there's nothing inside XD

There were soooo many photographers.. a few with some bazooka lens. I love those lens XD. There was even a kid about 4-5 years old holding a dslr. haha.. waiken managed to take a picture of the boy.

And the picture of the day is:



Voxy said...

Those camera looks fulamak!!! actually its the lens kan?
*i craped*



zhao said...

Hehe.. I was lucky to get that shot of the POWER FART XD

Kuntong said...

fuyoh..many big gun!