Monday, March 16, 2009

Lets Meet Up

UPDATED as at 22nd March 2009.

I'm organising a bloggers gathering. Hope you nuffnangers can make it :)

27th March 2009
28th March 2009
Pavilion KL

Some of the bloggers attending are jloi, vox, greenteabern, jess, yenniedoll, jhtham.
The meeting point will be at Coffee Bean in Pavilion. I think it's in the middle of Pavilion.

Lets make it happen XD.

Once again, the date has changed to 28th March 2009, no more 27th March.


k@i-cHi said...
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k@i-cHi said...

whooops....zhao can i come? can i can i? school is nearby so i can like just walk there...

Voxy said...

Kaichi! do come!! please! and yes people! i think i would come! LOL~lets make it happen like says zhao!

kazin said...

dont we have classes till 1?

zhao said...


Come laaaa!! haha.


Yay :) Please do come k. You said that you die die also sure go cuz jess is going.


T_T why kazin......... must you... spoil it XD

KwOnG FeI said...

haha..wats the agenda of the day...
aiks i have classes on fri
sat also till 10 or 11
why must it be friday???

AngelKein♥ said...

but it's on a Friday.

Lace said...

I'm a Nuffnang newbie, don't know anyone from it. Can I come?

zhao said...

Try you best to make it. Sorry can't change the date.

Come after 3pm la. We'll still be there.

Sure. Come join us :)

Spectre said...

woot pavilion Spectre airborning there pronto but the date hmmm

Jackie Loi said...

lol so many comment adi,,haha

i'll b i said b4, die also i come..XD

cibol said...

is this like for everybody or just - u know, close invitation?

zhao said...

It's for nuffnangers. Any nuffnanger can join :)