Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

Attended the Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 top 11 at Mist Club courtesy of nuffnang. The event was great. And the goodie bag by HP was ultra cool XD

There was free flow of drinks that stopped flowing too soon. Haha.. guess everyone was extremely thirsty, with all the shouting over the dj's music, and all the mad cheering for the contestants.

Ahh.. more pics, less talking eh..

That's Elaine Daly, one of the judges for MDG. The dreamgirls were all showing their stuff in the fashion shows, and some were really good ;) From the pics, you can see where I was standing the whole time.

Some fortunate bloggers managed to position themselves right in the middle. But I think, from experience, photographers always have to fight for the best angle. haha. I'm quite pleased with my spot XD no one really blocked my view, though the gigantic speakers sometimes caused my hand to shake with their loud Booms..

Besides the fashion shows, we were entertained by belly dancers (I think)..

... and by Jules and Prem from Fly.fm. Funny couple XD Both were saying jokes and teasing each other with Prem also teasing the cool DJ. Haha.. the DJ was really sporting.

Weeee.. it was a great event. Really. Haha.. met nigel (flyguy) and hitomi there. Actually, the place was filled with bloggers and their dslrs.. If you have a dslr, you'll feel right at home at Mist Club yesterday.

Hitomi and her friend. Didn't get her name.


JenKin Yat said...

nice..i like..how much..Ming FTW~!!

zhao said...

haha. thanks :)
Eh.. what do you mean by.. how much.. ming?

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

like.... OMG at the elaine daly photo. wot happened to her?


zhao said...

Aik.. nothing happened to her. Maybe I shot her at a bad angle :S

Voxy said...

zhao::no!!elaine daly's make up!ekk! and the muka like so dry! LOL~eh eh the belly dancers all so fat wan?LOL

zhao said...

But the belly dancers can really move it.. smooth movements. really XD

Haha.. My first time seeing Elaine Daly in person.

Yi Ling said...

ooooo. the angle you shot at pretty good le. haha. such events with so many pple; aint easy ._.

zhao said...

haha. thx thx :)