Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloggers at Pavilion

Weee~~ internet is back! Wanted to post something lame a few days back, but lost the mood di.

Anyway, this post is about the bloggers gathering at Pavilion KL on the 28th March. Thanks guys for coming :)

The bloggers!! XD haha. So cool to see everyone. Sorry I was a bit late. First met up at Coffee Bean. Waited for about an hour, then headed down to the food court.

After makan, decided to hang out at starbucks for some coffee and chitchat.. but... no place to sit :(. Went to the starbucks on the upper floor and it was the same. Moved on to the stairs at the main entrance of Pavilion and were told that we can't sit or gather there. Aih..

So I decided to end the bloggers gathering early.. what to do :( no place to sit and chat. I know the gathering was kinda messy, due to my poor planning. First time plan ma :P the next gathering would be a much better one :)

And... the final group picture. Took many tries to get it right. But very pleased with this pic XD

cwken - The guy in blue who takes great shots with a nikon D60.
angelkein - The girl in light blue and she is so tall! :)
klcv - The guy all the way from sabah XD great to have you there with us.
GreenTeaBern - The dude who has an uber cool list of bloggers in his blog. And GreenTeaBern wore green that day XD
gregorule - Check out his post on the Earth Hour project :)
Jeffro - Hmmm.. come to think of it. I dunno how old jeff is XD
burningice - Hahaha.. very funny dude. And everyone teased him during the self-intro session XD.
Vun - This guy is soooo quiet. Aih.. didn't manage to talk to him. And his blog has a really cool layout.
Jloi - You guys should check out his post on this outing. Love the picture borders.
kwongfei - Jloi's senior XD
Diese - Her name and her blog's name has a secret message XD
Vistakru - Uses a Sony a300. Coolness :)
Suresh - I thought this dude is about 25 years old or older..haha
Jess - The star of the day~~!!! :)
czhthedude - Yours truly, zhao XD

Earth Hour. The hour where everyone turns off non-essential lights and electrical appliances. Was at KLCC to shoot the towers during the event.

Initially wanted to shoot KL city from Lookout Point, but the jam was so bad in KL, had to settle for KLCC, which was still good :) There were lots of people there with their dslrs and tripods.

I'm proud that Malaysia took part in this event. Lets be more aware of mother nature. Lets go green.


~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...


=D =D

Jackie Loi said...

haha u better promise next time will b better =P...haha

gregorule said...

waHAHAA!!! can't wait for next time!!~

make sure you don't miss me out! XD

anyway, it was good considering it's your first time planning it and most importantly, we had fun!~ XD

Jeffro said...

Wootza Wootza~ My age? LOL!
it's a special year i guess.. xD

## + Ken + ## said...

great postttttttttt ... xDDDDD

zhao said...

Hi star of the day :))

Haha..okok. must plan a few months ahead~ XD

Cheers man :)

Hahaha.. I always thought you're older than me. Dunno why.

Thanks man :))

Cow that Bite! said...

is kinda late for me to reply on this post... anyway, my name is alex.. Co-founder of vista-crew.com, not vistakru =_=