Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sex on the beach


Was just thinking, when you do it.. you need it to be really smooth rite. All the action must have smooth friction..

Erm.. I dunno how to put it into words, but you get the idea.. that having sand inside the hole or on the stick isn't a nice thing to happen. Having sand in your mouth is bad enough, but having sand in between 2 thin layers of skin is.....


*while guy is inserting his stick into the girl's hole*

Girl: Ouch ouch ouch!! hurts..go slowly..dont push it too fast.
Guy: Okok.. I'll do it slowly.

*fully inside, now trying to remove*

Girl: hurts dammit. Stop moving!!
Guy: ahh ahh.. cannot remove. Too much sand inside.

*guy and girl stuck in that position for a long time*

Girl: aih..i guess it's time to try to remove your stick again.
Guy: goes.

*guy tries to remove his stick out of the hole, but hurts too much*

Guy + Girl: #%*%&^!@#!!!!!@%*^$@!!
Guy: but i have to remove it. We cant be stuck in this position forever..
Girl: T_T why the hell did we have sex on the beach....
Guy: ok ar.. i'm going to pull it out as fast as possible.. get ready~~
Girl: *braces for it*

*guy pulls his stick out from her hole as fast as possible*

Guy + Girl: s***!!!!! T_T T_T T_T

*private parts bleeding profusely*
*both guy and girl fainted because of the pain*

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