Monday, October 20, 2008

Ladies in the dude's washroom

I'm not on hamsup-mode k.. I just so happen to come across the newspaper article in the previous post and thought of blogging about it.

And just so happen that everytime I use the toilets in public places such as 1utama, the female janitors love to enter and clean the toilets..

Pee-ing at the urinals halfway and some lady with a mop will enter.. Come on laaaa.. place a sign outside the toilet saying that you're cleaning the place laaa
Not simply walk into the toilet and start cleaning when guys are pee-ing..
"should I continue to pee, or jam my poor bladder and shift to another toilet?"

Where's the privacy??

How bout we male janitors barge into the female toilets? how bout that? confirm 10 pairs of slippers fly at the poor guy's face, maybe some pepper spray are involved, screaming and all the commotion.. girls crying on front page news claiming that the world is full of perverts..

Then the female janitors leh??? barging into male toilets... WE GUYS PEE AT THE URINALS K..semua pun boleh nampak.. plus the female janitors will wait by the wall, observing everyone pee-ing. I dunno why they wanna wait in the toilet for everyone to leave..why cant they wait outside?

Anyway, even if a guy barges into the female toilets, what can he see? i guess just a few long lines outside each cubicles, with some by the mirror applying their make-up.. that should be all rite............

All the girls will be pee-ing in the cubicles with the door closed.. How to see anything?

I've never entered a female toilet before, so I dunno exactly what to expect to see..

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