Friday, October 10, 2008

Cats on the road

More like cute small kittens on the road who stare innocently at you..

Was late for class this morning, rushed to do all the morning business, ran to the car, and drove off fast..
Reached a narrow road, only to find 2 kittens resting on the road...

"ok..just drive nearer, and they will run away.."
Drove the car nearer... kittens didnt budge..

"fine..will rev the engine to scare the kittens away.."
Freed the clutch, and tekan minyak. Kittens just stare blankly at the car..

"argghh..okok. Must chill. Should i reverse and take a super long alternative route, or just run over them?"
Haha. Not running over them laa.. but decided to skillfully manoeuvre past them..

"please please please please dont move under the car...pleaseeeee..."
Was quite afraid of flattening them..

However~~~ all was good..the kittens didnt move. *phew*

Why the mother or father cat didnt teach them anything wannnn...
At least teach the kittens "when a car is approaching, dont run across the road, or dont just sleep on the road.."

See the lame cats just watching their kittens on the road when a huge Waja is approaching them..aih. Poor parenting man..

God bless :)

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