Friday, October 24, 2008

Fine food

Fine Cuisine

The new eatery in sunway uni. Iranian Fine Cuisine. wow.. we have a fine cuisine now.. replacing the beloved lemongrass chicken.

The lemongrass chicken, per plate costs RM7.. was considered quite expensive.
And this iranian fine cuisine is serving dishes with a hefty price of RM20 - 30.. there was even a dish costing RM41....

Aiyooooo......... RM41..... T_T

I wanna support any newcomer to the miserable sunway uni cafeteria, but serving fine food in a university is just not a good idea.. unless they are targeting foreign students..

Anyway, how many people can you fit in a lift ar? you would say, depends on the size of the lift.. but how big can a lift be, especially in sunway uni?
The amazing students of sunway always manage to squeeze about 20-24 people in the lift..the limit is 24.

That's the size of a small class..haha.

*in the lift, when class is dismissed*

"hey J, where are you? can't see you"
"I'm here, behind K and L, why?"
"what's the attendance of the class today?"
"just count the people in the lift la"
"oh yea..ok.. i see M, Z, V..... hmmm.. looks like W is absent"
"yup.. i didn't see him in class today"

Plus, the lift creaks and groans... scary O_O


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zhao said...

haha..the food looks good. But too expensive :(