Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Duck Hunting

Duck Portrait

Went duck hunting.. with the camera. Nottingham Malaysia has this lake with a few ducks residing in it. Felt like taking pictures.. so I went there, only to find out that the light was not good and that it was about to rain :(

But since I was there.. take pictures only laaa~

angry duck
feeding the ducks
brown duck
white duck

The lake was extra teh tarik colour that day..aih.

And I think the brown ducks are intimidated by the white ducks lo. When comes to feeding time, can see that the brown ducks kept a distance away from the feeder, cuz the white ducks were there..
Plus, the feeder didn't give the brown ducks enough food..

This injustice must be dealt with now!! *orders a truckload of duck food just for the brown ducks* I personally like the brown ducks more. I think they look cuter XD

Paper flower

A feeble attempt at macro photography. This is the closest working distance I could get. Hmmmm.. can someone get me a macro lens ;)

Anyway, wanna wish all the best to all the people taking SPM and STPM. You can do it~~!! :)

Photographer too


k1M H0ng said...

The ducks in Notts looked different from the ones in my uni....And the red bintik bintiks around the white duck's beak somehow disturbs me, like some cancerous thing or something disgusting!!!! Aiks!

zhao said...

All the white ducks have that.

Eh..take pictures of the ducks in your uni..and post it. I wanna see :) I think they look much better than the ones in Nott Msia.