Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oooo Chicken Wings

Went to Jalan Alor for chicken wings a couple of days back. Gila sedap~~~~~ *salivates to the max*
I seldom eat chicken wings (cuz they are expensive) and was quite full at that time, but after taking the first bite... can't stop eating XD

Chicken Wings

Thanks mei ann for introducing the yummy food to me.. and made me pay RM16 for 2 pairs of chicken wings.. (so expensive T_T).

Mei Ann
taking pics

And.. before going to Jalan Alor.. I was at my friend's place in Bangsar.. and she has a wicked table..

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3

Wicked rite~ you can turn the table to various positions. Good for extending the table for guests to put their drinks, and shrinking the table for more leg room.

Also useful if some guy is laughing his head off at you, you can just swing the table towards him.. The table is at the groin level.


estherlauderlyn said...

awww man Ive heard about those chicken wings - but never got to eating them! arrggh hungry :(

Hello zhao :)

zhao said...

hehe.. k la. One day i'll buy you the chicken wings :)
It's really good~

Hi there esther :)

kennhyn said...

who can resist chicken wing...with a nice chill beer....haha

the table is for sure wicked, I will watch where I sit when I see this table, just in case someone swing it...cheers!!!

zhao said...

Hahahaha.. Chicken wings and chill beer. Sounds like a good combo. :)