Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is going to be a short random post. Not feeling well and just days before the exams. Scary~~

Went to the doc for some med, and I asked him why is my body always feeling slightly warm inside for the past month, as in, everytime I wake up, I don't feel fit and healthy, but feel a feverish warmth.
And he said, my metabolism is very high..

Looking back the past month, it's very true. I haven't been climbing much because of studies. From the usual 3-5 times a week reduced to only maybe once a week.

Looks like I need to always workout or play sports to be healthy ;) sitting at home resting for a long time will only make me sick. :P hmmmm.. but pushing the body all the time will make me die at a younger age. aih.


Random photo taken with the phone. The climbers asked me to take it. Looks like a normal climbing pose, but try doing that, and you'll see how hard and cool that move is :)

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