Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Was detained by the Pavilion guards while taking this photo. Well, they didn't exactly stop me from taking pictures of buildings at the position where I was standing.

But they stopped my friend (another photographer), and that made me slightly frustrated.

That got me thinking, how are we suppose to take photos of buildings? We were standing in a public area, unless the paved area around Pavilion is not considered public area. If that paved area is under private property, then the only way to take the pics of the exterior of Pavilion is by standing on the road. haha.

TheStar R.Age is having this Click 2 Win photo competition, with the theme Architecture. But how are we going to take photos, if we are always detained? Plus a lot of nice architectures are found in the building.

I respect the rules about copyright this that. Pavilion and KLCC have this sign that no cameras are allowed. These signs are only seen in the building. Does that mean that the rule extends to building grounds?

But then....I managed to take this pic:


The place is sprawling with guards. None of them stopped me. Hmmmm... (maybe they didn't see me)

Very confused la. Is there any place where I can find the words that states people are allowed/not allowed to take picutes of private properties from public area?

Digital Camera Magazine August 2008 pg82 has lots of answers. According to the magazine:
"Generally speaking, you can legally take photographs of private property from a public street. Neither a security guard nor the owner can prevent this. But photographers should be careful if the property is a Government building..."

But the magazine is based on the UK law (and there's a disclaimer).. I'm not sure it applies here in Malaysia. Haih..


khinhooi said...

yeap, kind of unfair.

zhao said...

thanks for the support dude~

estherlauderlyn said...

Its normal that you cannot snap pictures INSIDE the building, but from the outside, it should be okay. The guards detained you while you were snapping from outside right? I dont think they have the right to la.

And good on you for taking part in the competition! You got chun camera, put it to use :p Trick is to capture angles that no one would think of. Your pavilion and KLCC pictures a little common lah :(

zhao said...

The pavilion picture was just for fun. Didnt really like it. And couldn't go nearer to the building for better angle to snap, cuz the guards kacau.

KLCC..well.. i like the lights :)

Thanks for encouragement :) I still very noob in photography la. I like your pics. Especially the cherries.

kazin said...

Digital Camera Magazine Nov 2008 pg74 also have some stuff bout law and photography. But its very lil and its based on UK law.

So still dunno la. Maybe ask some of your law friends :)

zhao said...

eh kazin.. you read Digital Camera Magazine meh? haha.. thx for the info.

Better ask ms. pushpa :)