Monday, November 24, 2008

The Valley

Was studying at the library a few days back. Chose a big table at the corner, less distractions.

The was this girl who shared the table with me, and she was using a laptop with earphones. Since it was a nice corner, I decided to continue studying at the same table. It was all quiet and peaceful..

Until her boyfriend came. Jeng jeng jeng...

I thought that since there was a short divider separating the people facing each other, it'll be fine. haha..

You know those times where you're reading something, but you can "see" from the corner of your eye the surroundings? I dunno why I had to take notice, but from the corner of my eye, can see the couple getting closer and closer and closer..till can only see 1 shadow instead of 2.. (they are facing each other).

Then you know, you sometimes just had to look up to see the people around you.. just for fun.. then err.. you see a couple..... locking lips...

Of course you'll look back at your books and try your best to continue studying. Rude to stare at people kissing rite. Plus they were not making any noise. Total silence. And that itself is most distracting.

Anyway.. I was studying, but still "seeing" from the corner of my eyes the SURROUNDINGS and very little of the couple, they are still one shadow, when suddenly.. the girl removed her jacket...

Wah.. the library was so cold, still wanna take out jacket.. looks like the action is getting really hot for her.

And, it's just human nature to you know...look around.. then I saw it... the dark valley of prosperity and hair O_O just kidding bout the hair part XD. Like I had time to examine every single blade of grass on the twin hills.

I'm not a pervert k.. just that I happen to see that massive cleavage. Come on la. I was sitting opposite her. And it's the type of dress she was wearing, those low low cut dress which reveals almost everything.

As a gentleman, I immediately looked back at my books and didn't look up till she and her bf went away.

Yes I had my camera with me, and no, I didn't take any picture to describe the scene :P
All those hamsup fellas who expected a pic, be disappointed.

But must post pic in every blog post..


A random pic of yummy ice cream~ :)


Hafriz said...

Pervert.. I bet you were staring, that's why no time to take picture.

Show us also la next time, sharing is caring, my friend =p

zhao said...

hahahaha. I was not staring k. And I was trying my best to study. :P