Friday, November 14, 2008

Ultimate Hostel Room

Was in Nottingham Malaysia, and my friend has Red Alert 3 in his com. He invited me to check out the game in his girlfriend's room (his com is in the gf room).. and WHOA~~!!

Like hotel room leh.. haha.

toilet and bedroom

  • The toilet has scented candles!

  • The bedroom has a water dispenser!

  • Has a mini mini minibar

  • Windows are tinted

  • Curtains are personally selected

  • Room lighting was changed from the white light to the yellow light

  • Has a room carpet with big animal soft toy for deco

  • Has a wall clock with some thermometer function

  • Below are not relevant to the ultimate room

  • But I just want to make the list longer

  • The wardrobe is packed with clothes (enough clothes for 5 families)

  • She has different shoes for everyday for 2 weeks

Seriously.. the room is uber cool. It's just a hostel room.. big enough for only 1 person.. but she changed the room 360 degrees. They even thought of installing a plasma tv in the toilet.......

And... Red Alert 3 is nice~ :)

nice com

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