Saturday, November 29, 2008

Grape Shake

Shrimp Pasta

Italiannies. Nice food. Big portions. And they have the best fruit drink ever, the Grape Shake.
This is the real grape juice, they blend real grapes, so it taste like real grapes. Erm.. taste exactly like the grapes you pop into your mouth. Now in drink form.
So, they blend the grapes, with the grape skin and all, to give you the grape taste.

Which spells the perfect disaster....... when you start talking. Worse, when you start smiling. Worst, when you smile for the camera.

All the grape skin are stuck in between your teeth!!! Walau~~~ And you can't feel the skins in your mouth! Imagine... dark purple stuff in between your teeth, and as soon as you smile, swooosh.. every head turns to look at your mouth O_O.

And I always ask everyone to try the grape shake, cuz I really love the drink. Now they would be thinking, "haha..see la. Padan muka. Always force us to try the drink."

Imagine, photographer to the crowd:

"ok people, smile at the cam~"
*after looking at zhao, snigger snigger*
"hey photographer, why laughing there?"
"haha..err. nothing nothing.. ok, now everyone smile for the colgate ad"
*everyone smile extra big*
*after taking the photo, photographer burst into laughter until tummy ache*
"hmmm.. why he laughing so much ar, nvm la. Ok everyone, lets check out the pic"


Too bad I don't have a picture of the grape shake. The glass wasn't nice looking, but Italiannies at The Gardens have better looking glasses, and better lighting.

But even after all the embarrassment, I would still order that drink :)

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