Saturday, November 22, 2008

Root Beer Disappointment

Had a very long class today. 9 hours class on a saturday...... *sigh~
Anyway, after class, was so hungry and wanted to eat somewhere good, then thought of..A&W

Oh the delicious root beer and yummy curly fries.. haven't had those for a long time~


Headed over the the counter,

"kak, nak combo 2. Upgrade ke Curly Fries, dan boleh tak buat root beer nampak macam sangat sangat sedap?"
"erm.. isi rootbeer hingga nampak gila sedap..."
"you mau tambah rootbeer?"
"err..tak apa la."

Aiyo.. my BM sucks. All I wanted her to do was to fill the root beer with lots of that bubbles thingy on top.. look like Guinness Stout. That looks very cool. Plus I expected the root beer mug to be chilled.. I'm sure you guys seen it before.

I asked for all of these to take the perfect root beer picture...

But I was deeply disappointed... very disappointed.

As you can see.. the root bear no bubbles at all!! and the mug not chilled!! Walau..... All the expectation, all the thoughts, of wanting to drink the perfect root beer and drown in ecstasy. All gone T_T.

Haih.. was feeling so down that negative thoughts came to my mind. Now the root beer looks like super super super super super super super super super dark piss. Like someone didn't pee for days and never drink water. arghhhh....

Haha.. even though looks like dark piss.. taste damn nice lo XD
Most probably the best tasting piss ever..

Now I'm being sick and gross.. *slaps myself back to reality"
I think it's because of the long hours in uni today.

Pushing aside all the sick thoughts of mine, A&W root beer is still the best :) Really. The taste is great. The mug is heavy. The straw is white. It's all good :)


3POINT8 said...

I just had A&W hours ago. The last time I had them was like 2 years ago

zhao said...

haha.. almost same situation dude :)

enjoy your root bear~

alien said...

feel like i want to go A&W..
last time i drink root beer was 3 years ago..

zhao said...

brings back memories rite :)

wah..seems like everyone hasn't been to A&W for years..