Monday, November 10, 2008

What would you do [ bra strap ]

What would you do if you see a girl (and you are a guy), she is wearing a spaghetti strap top and one of her bra strap broke? plus she didnt notice it..

Would you go up to her and say "hi..erm.. err..hello.. I, erm.. happen to notice that... your.. aih.. bra strap has broken." then you'll go all red.

Scenario 1:

Girl says to you "oh thanks for telling me :) you save me from a lot of embarrassment" and she puts on her jacket and starts to have a great conversation with you..

Scenario 2:
Girl feels so embarrassed about the bra strap that she shouted "you pervert, why are you staring at me, especially at my bra!!" And the people around thought that you snapped the bra strap on purpose, and they pounce on you and call the police..

Or would you just let her discover herself that her bra strap is dangling for over an hour and that her bra itself is out of place.. (Dunno how the bra system works).

She will be O_O!!!!!!!! most probably swear to never see daylight ever again, and whenever anyone talks about bras, she'll go hysterical..

But if she is cool about it, then..well.. life goes on as usual :)


Ate at Amuleto in Mid Valley recently. Cool place. Nice food. A bit pricey though.

The cup
Grilled Chicken
Pan Fried Fish fillet
Ice cream

Watched James Bond too. Although some reviews claim that the latest Bond movie sucks, I think it has quite a nice ending.

And I want that super high tech computer system the British Intelligence use in their office. So cool!

"Computer, where are my Performance Management notes?"
"Awesome Sir, they're underneath the music cds, next to the pile of clothes, behind the wardrobe"


alien said...

do u experienced that?

zhao said...

hahaha.. yup. I saw the broken bra strap. But before i could summon my courage to tell her..she went off di.

[≈Já§MíÑ≈] said...

If you had a girl next to you, asked her to do it.

Otherwise, you can tell her if you're ever ready to bear with the consequences or the positive side of it. =)

If it was me, I would probably say thank you & start blushing.

If it's someone I know, yes... I'll definitely call my friend a pervert. Just teasing anyways! lol~ XD