Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nottingham Msia Badminton

This is my first sports shooting session. And it was DISASTROUS T_T T_T T_T. *wails and wept like a monkey*

Almost every pic was blur T_T. The pics looked good on the cam screen, but after reviewing it on the com............... *crawled towards the bed and cried myself to sleep*

Well, first time ma. Will improve next time. Haha.

pose 1
pose 2
pose 3
pose 4

The 18-200mm lens is amazing~! hahaha.. can zoom in anytime and capture all the players expressions.. but unfortunately, all blur. aih.

There was one girl playing and kept on glancing at me as I was taking her pics. Good thing her team won, or she will blame the photographer. I wonder what happens if the photographer uses flash during the tournament. GG. Sure kena impaled by all the players.

Coin tossing
The smash

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